Information for Students

Maricopa County Community Colleges District offers an online system for reporting students of concern, academic misconduct, student code of conduct and Title IX violations.

Where Do I Find Out About:

Free Expression
Sex Offender Protocol
Students With Religious Accommodations
Title IX and Sexual Harassment
Inclusive Restrooms

Health and Wellness (HW 8)
Located inside south door of the southern corridor running, next to the HW 857-884 offices.

Library (LB 11)
Located on the first floor of the library, south hallway by “Community Room”, LB 145

Physical Science Building (PS 15)
Located to the right of the entrance, down the main hallway.

Theatre (TH 29)
Located through the south entrance, TH 22S corridor

Art Communication (AC 30)
Located in the middle of the AC 119S corridor

Health Improvement Center (HIC 47)
Located to the left of the check-in desk

Testing Center (Bldg. 38)
Located in front of the staff testing counter

Enrollment Center (Bldg. 39)
Located through the west entrance door, to the right of the hallway

Performing Arts Center (PAC 57)
Located on the first floor, main entrance, to the left of the elevator

Red Mountain

Saguaro (RDM S)
Located on the second floor, main entrance, behind the terrarium

Palo Verde (RDM P)
Located on the second floor, north/east corner (2 restrooms)

Lactation Rooms

Please visit for all MCCCD resolution processes.