Commission on Excellence in Education

Reflecting on over 50 years of service and excellence to the East Valley is an exciting and extremely rewarding activity. Mesa Community College began as a small junior college with outstanding faculty and tremendous community support and has transitioned into an institution that reflects sustained high quality and a desire to respond to community needs.

Mesa Community College provides both transfer education and workforce development. It is an institution that meets students' educational needs and develops their skills and talents. It is an institution that brings together diversity of thought and ideas, age, background, and culture, which helps to create a vibrant, exciting place of learning.

Mission & Vision

Serving as a sounding board for MCC, the Commission on Excellence in Education seeks representation from business, industry, education, and East Valley residents. The mission and goals for the Commission summarize its purpose and the dedication of its volunteer members who seek to better their communities through education.

  • Provide community leadership to MCC
  • Develop a communication network/vehicle between the East Valley community and Mesa Community College
  • Recruit community members for active involvement in college planning activities
  • Research the educational needs of the community.
  • Identify measures of excellence in academic, athletic, fine arts, and occupational programs
  • Identify business, industry, community, and student educational needs
  • Identify future college facility needs
  • Identify underserved populations in the East Valley