Password Recovery and Re-Issue
If you forgot or lost your password to this survey site, you will need to have a new password issued to you. To do so, please follow the instructions below.
1. Enter your username ( email id ) assigned to your account.

This was either chosen by you at registration as a Participant or by the Participant if you are their evaluator.

2. Press the Submit button.

a.) If the system finds your account, a new temporary password will be emailed to your contact email id as entered in the previous step.

b.) If the system does not find your account, you will receive an error message. You will need to contact the ChairAcademy survey administrators for help.

3. Log in with temporary password.

Upon receiving your new temporary password in you email account, you will need to log back into the survey site, using your current user name and temporary password.

4. Change assigned temporary password to a permanent password.

Upon logging in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to change that temporary password to a new permanent password of your choice.

5. Note: You will not be allowed to continue unless you change the temporary password to a new permanent value.
User Name (email id):