At the beginning there was a place called the Black World, where only spirit people and Holy People lived. It had four corners, and over these four corners appeared four cloud columns which were white, blue, yellow and black. The east cloud was called Folding Dawn; the south column was Folding Sky Blue; the west one was Folding Twilight, and the north one was Folding Darkness. Coyote visited these cloud columns and changed his color to match theirs; so he is called Child of the Dawn, of the Sky Blue, of the Twilight and of the Darkness.

The First World was small in size and was much like a floating island in a sea of water mist. In the east, where the white cloud and the black cloud met, Altse Hastiin (First Man) was formed. With him was formed the white' corn which was perfect in. shape, with kernels covering the whole ear. Doo Honoot'inii is the name of this first seed corn, and it is also the name of the place where the white cloud and the black cloud met.

Man was not in his present shape, and the creatures living in the First World were thought of as Mist Beings. They had no definite form as we think of creatures today, and they were to change in later worlds to living things as we know them.

Although little else existed at that time, the Wolazhini Dine'e ("Insect" Beings) had developed a way of life because they recognized the value making and carrying out plans with the approval of one another.

On the western side of the First World appeared the yellow cloud, and next to it appeared the blue cloud. Where they came together, Altse Asdzaa (First Woman) was formed. With her was a perfect ear of yellow corn. Also with Altse Asdzaa came white shell and turquoise.

First Man stood on the eastern side of the First World. He represented the Dawn and was the Life Giver. First Woman stood opposite in the West. She represented Darkness and Death.

First Man burned a crystal for fire. The crystal belonged to the male and was the symbol of the mind and of clear seeing. When First Man burned the crystal, it was the mind's awakening. First Woman burned her turquoise for a fire. They saw each other's light and began searching for each other. Three times they were unsuccessful; the fourth time they found each other. First Woman saw that First Man had a crystal for a fire and that it was stronger than her fire. First Man asked her to come and live with him and First Woman agreed.

Many different kinds of Insect Beings lived in the First World. There were Na'azozii (Spider Ants), Tses'na (Wasp People), and Wolazhini (Black Ants). After the W asps and the different Ant People came Niltsago' (the Beetles), Taniil'aii (the Dragon Flies), Jaa'abani (the Bat People), Na'ashje'ii Hastiin (Spider Man), and Na'ashje'ii Asdzaa (Spider Woman). Many of these different Insects knew the secret of shooting evil and could harm others.

The various Beings disagreed and fought among themselves, and the entire population emerged upward into the Blue World through an opening in the east.

The group moved like clouds, as if on magic carpets, toward the east by gathering some mountain dirt (Dzilleezh). With them they took the evils contained in the First World.


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