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Introduction to Christianity

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REL 270 (Summer 2014) Section 16852

The Official Course Description:

The nature and content of the Christian tradition developed over time, with overview of the New Testament, major historical trends and figures, major Christian ideas and practices, and survey of denominations. Prerequisites: None.

(I wrote that.)

Christianity is an incredibly broad topic. In fact, it is too broad a topic even to introduce it properly. So you are going to "choose your own adventure." You can pursue this course in any of four ways. You make the choice. But the four tracks cannot be combined, and once you set out on one track you cannot come back. The overall requirements are the same; only the content of the material and your papers varies.


In a nutshell: You will take two 30-question exams based on the readings for one of four particular tracks, write two one-page papers, and attend two very distinct Christian worship services.

This website is the course syllabus.

To start the course:

For whichever of the four tracks you choose, it all begins with the link on the left that says "Overview of Christianity." There are five pages to read through. Then, at the bottom of the fifth, you select one of the four tracks. Explore it. If it is not what you want, explore another. Each track has its own links for an introduction (with a course plan), the text, and the additional assignments. (All four courses have the same "Exams", "Worship Visits", "Course Schedule", "Small Print", and "Contact" links.)

The first assignment is due on 07/10. With that you have officially chosen a track. There is no going back.