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Q and A

The answer to each question is displayed when you click the down arrow (and you can hide it afterward by clicking the up arrow).

How do I find out more?

Do I need to know Spanish?

Will we have free time?

How easy is it to get around Granada?

What if I get sick?

What is the best way to keep contact with friends/family?

Is being vegetarian difficult in Spain?

What are some other common Spanish foods?

What are tapas?

What is the legal drinking age?

Is it going to be hot?

Do they really do siesta time?

Don't people get really hungry by 9:00?

Speaking of shopping, is it expensive?

How religious is Spain?

What should I tip?

What should I bring?

How will students be chosen for the program?

So does completing the application process secure my spot?

Do I have to come home at the end?