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The Program

All students take one class from our MCC instructors and one from the University of Granada*. The UGr is one of Europe's oldest, established in 1531. The Centro de Lenguas Modernas hosts UGr's international education programs, involving 10,000 students from Europe and the wider world each year. The UGr courses are identical to courses we have in our own course bank, so you may then apply for transfer back toward your MCC degree. (We have an agreement that makes that transfer seamless.) That means you can earn a total of 6 or 7 hours credit.

We meet M-Th mornings for two two-hour classes. Every Friday (and a couple of other days), the full group embarks on major excursions:

  • 06/01 (Sunday) The Alhambra
  • 06/03 (Tuesday) Granada Cathedral and Capilla Real
  • 06/06 Córdoba (Great Mosque/Cathedral, Madinat Al-Zahra, Alcázar and Córdoba Synagogue)
  • 06/13 Overnight in Sevilla (Madina al-Zahra, the Cathedral, Alcázar, Itálica, the Inquisition Castle)
  • 06/20 Overnight in Tangier, Morocco and Tarifa, Spain

Spanish 101 is a prerequisite for the program. You will either take Spanish 102 and the UGr's Architecture in the Islamic World (conducted in English) or MCC's Religion in the Hispanic World and the UGr's Spanish Culture and Civilization, both conducted in Spanish. (Courses conducted in Spanish assume that students have completed Spanish 102 or already speak Spanish.)

Be sure to sign up for our contact list and get info as it happens via text and/or email, and follow along on our Facebook page.