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Course Offerings

Students take one MCC course and one UGr course. We have established an an articulation agreement that allows a seamless transfer of the UGr courses to MCC. Important: REL 151 and Spanish Culture Civilization are conducted entirely in Spanish; Islamic Art/Architecture is conducted in English.




REL 151
Religion in the Hispanic World

Tom Shoemaker

Survey of various religious traditions within Spain and the Spanish-settled world. Considers the impact of and impact on both major world religions and indigenous traditions.
Spanish Culture and Civilization
(transfers as MCCD's SPA 251)
Profa. Ma Dolores Molina (UGr) The course brings together a wide diversity of themes that show Spanish culture from various angles (historical, sociological, linguistic, literary, artistic, religious, etc.), with special emphasis on those aspects which, to the eyes of an outsider, define "Spanish civilization." On the one hand we seek to dismantle stereotypical images of Spanish culture, and on the other we seek to analyze historically the origin of certain cultural features, all the while considering the social, artistic & cultural features of present-day Spain. (Must be taken with REL 151.)
SPA 102
Elementary Spanish II
María Martell Continued study of grammar and vocabulary of the Spanish language and study of the Spanish-speaking cultures. Emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing skills. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in SPA101 or permission of Department or Division.
Islamic Art & Architecture to 1800 (transfers as MCCD's ARH 240) Profa. María Egea García (UGr) The course consists of the presentation and study of the fundamental characteristics of Islamic art and architecture, with special emphasis on the legacy of the Hispano-Arabic period. (Must be taken with SPA 102)

All students take two courses: REL 151 and Art/Architecture of the Islamic World OR SPA 201 and Spanish Culture & Civilization. Students whose Spanish level is below SPA 102 will also be enrolled in a one-hour UGr intensive Spanish course.

To secure MCCD credit for UGr courses, students will need to provide a UGr transcript to an international transcript evaluator (they translate the transcript then submit it to MCC's Admissions and Records office). We will guide you through that process come summer.