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Ph. D. in Education Technology Management for Online Teaching, Northcentral University, November 2008.

Published Dissertation: A Descriptive Study of Online Interactions and Learning Effectiveness: Perceptions from Online Faculty and Students.

Certified Quality Matters Master Reviewer and Peer Reviewer, online and blended courses,, 2011.

Post-Graduate Professional Certification in Online Teaching for Higher Education, 21 post-graduate credits, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), 2002.

Post Graduate Studies: 75+ post graduate credits in Information Technology and Instructional Methodology in Higher Education: Arizona State University; Northern Arizona University; University of California, UCLA; University of Phoenix; California State University, San Marcos; Johnson and Johnson Cooperative Learning Institute.

Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Applications and Information System, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1988.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Management, Human Relations and Organizational Behavior, University of Phoenix, AZ, 1983.

Under Graduate Studies: Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana; Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia; Cochise College, Sierra Vista, Arizona, and Mesa Community College.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.), Business Administration and Office Technology, Cochise College, AZ, 1980.

Professional Certifications:

Certified Quality Matters Master Reviewer and Peer Reviewer, Online and Hybrid Courses, International Quality Matters Organization.

Certified Master Designer CWP (Certified Web Professional), International Webmasters Association.

Professional Designer, Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) in E-Commerce and Site Designer.

Master CIW Designer in:

  • Internet Business Foundations
  • Network Technology Foundations
  • Site Development Foundations
  • Design Methodology and Technology
  • E-Commerce Strategies and Practices

CIW Certified Proctor and Certified Instructor

AZ Community Colleges Teaching Certifications:

  • Computer Information System
  • General Business
  • Management
  • Office Technology

Certified Novell Netware Administrator (CNA), 1994


Presenter: At various workshops and conferences including Maricopa Technology Conference, 2009; International Student Retention Conference, 2009.

Publications: Online Interactions and Learning Effectiveness: A descriptive study from a two-year community college, November 2008.

Peer-reviewed article: Online Instructors’ Actions Reinforce the Development of a Sense of Community Among Course Participants', August 2010, peer-reviewed paper, published on various journals:

  • Social Science Research Network
  • Industrial Organization & Regulation
  • eJournals Organizations & Markets eJournals
  • Microeconomic Theory eJournal
  • ERN Subject Matter eJournals
  • Labor eJournals
  • RHEW Subject Matter eJournals
  • CMBO

Teaching Experiences:

Over 25 years of teaching experience in industry and higher education level in the area of computer information technology.  Have taught, developed, and coordinated numerous computer courses and programs in a variety of platforms and instructional methods:  traditional classroom, self-paced open entry/open exit,workshops, short-courses, online, blended learning, and fast-track training.  Have been teaching online courses in Business and Information Systems (BIS) courses since 1998. Samples of courses taught over the years:

GBS110 - Human Relations in Business/Industry
MGT251 - Human Relations in Business
GBS233 - Business Communication
GBS282 - Business Service Learning

BPC110 - Computer Usage and Applications
- Survey of Computer Information System
CIS121AE -
Beginning DOS
CIS190 - Intro to Local Area Network
- LAN Operating System - Novell Netware
- LAN installation and Configuration - Novell Netware
CIS114DA - Spreadsheet- Lotus, Excel
CIS221AE -
Advanced DOS
CIS123AA -
Windows Operating System
CIS131AA -
Doing Business on the Internet
CIS133DA -
Internet Web Development Level 1
CIS233DA -
Internet Web Development Level 2
CIS290AC - CIS Web Internship

CIS298AC -
Special Projects - Certified Internet Web Professionals
CIS233DC - Web Development with Adobe Dreamweaver

Experience in working with most of the popular Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard/WebCT, Moodle, E-learning, Desire2learn, Canvas, etc.,

BIS Residential Faculty- 1989- Present: Full-time residential faculty teaching various Computer Information Systems, Web Technology, Business and Management courses in the BIS Department, at Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ.

Leadership Experiences:

CIS Occupational Program Director - January 2009- June 2010 - Coordinate and develop curriculum and instructional programs in the CIS areas. Serve on the District-wide CIS/BPC instructional council as MCC's CIS representative. Develope courses, curriculum and instructional materials for over 40 full-time and adjunct faculty. Hire and supervise over 25 adjunct faculty members in CIS discipline.

BPC Occupational Coordinator- 1995-1999 - Hired and supervised adjunct faculty in the Business Personal Computer Area (BPC).  Served as Resource Faculty Coordinator for all part-time and full-time BPC faculty in the area of software applications and operating systems.  Served as CIS Faculty representative in district-wide  MCCD's CIS/BPC instructional council for several years.

Department Chair Leadership Academy, 3 weeks, May 2010, January 2011, and May 2011, Phoenix, Arizona

Leadership Development Program for Higher Education (LEAP), Kellogg Institute, Pomona, California, 2008.

Member, District-wide CIS Curriculum Council, representing the CIS discipline from MCC.

Member, Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education

Review Panelist Member for the National Science Foundation (NSF), Interdisciplinary Review panels, 2005, 2006, 2009.

MCC's faculty representative for district-wide Faculty Professional Growth Committee.

President-Elect and President, Asian Pacific Islander Association (APIA), a district-wide all employees' organization.

Scholarship Chair, APIA Scholarship Committee for MCCD and Liaison for ASU, and for the BIS Department

Faculty Advisor for several student clubs at Mesa College such as Asian and Pacific Islander Student Club and Web Club.

Cofounder, Asian and Pacific Islander Student Club, the first Asian student club in MCCD (1985).

Chaired and served on various college and district-wide committees such as Faculty Professional Growth, Travel Committee, Distance Education Committee, Computer Information System Council, Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable, Gold Star, etc., since 1989.

Honors and Awards:

Quality Matters Gold Star Award for online course development, 2011

Faculty Mentor Awards, Phi Theta Kappa International, Mesa Community College, 2009, 2010 adn 2013

Received numerous Innovation and Technology Grants in distance education, curriculum developments, and teaching and learning, 1989-present.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Recipient, Multimedia and Technology Conference.

Professional Affiliations:

Judge, Annual Internet Advertising Competition Awards for Web Companies, Web Marketing Association, 2010-Present,

Member, National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE)

Member, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

NSF Review Panelist Member for NSF Interdisciplinary Grant Panel: 2005, 2006, and 2009.

Member, National Association for Professional Woman (NAPW)

Member of Sloan-Consortium, a Consortium of Institutions and Organizations Committed to Quality Online Education (Sloan-C).

Member, Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

Member of Certified Internet Web Professionals (CIW) Industry Advisory Council. 

Member of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for CIW Review Exam Council. 

Member, International Webmaster Association and HTML Writers Guild.

Member, International Web Design and Developers Association (WDDA)

Judge, Arizona High School Students Annual Web Design contest, sponsored by Skills USA and CIW, 2006

Vice President and Secretary, International Toastmaster Association, Dobson Ranch. Received numerous Best Speaker's and Most Improved Speaker's Awards.

Other Specialties:

- Management and Leadership in Higher Education
- Organizational Behavior and Human Relations
- Instructional and Currilum Development for Online Programs
- Technology Management for Online Learning
- Certified Web Professional (CIW) in E-Commerce and Site Designer.

Certified Master Reviewer and Peer Reviewer, Quality (QM)

Faculty Training Institute, Certified Internet Webmasters, Certified Trainer (CIW-CI):

    • CIW Foundations:  Internet Business Foundations, Networking Technology and Site Development Foundations, 12 weeks.
    • CIW Design Methodology and Technology:  12 weeks.
    • CIW E-Commerce Strategies and Practices:  12 weeks.

Online Teaching and Learning, Online Technology Management:

  • DIS9027E - Doctoral Dissertation Defense, Northcentral University, November 2008
  • DIS9017E - Doctoral Dissertation Data, Northcentral University, August 2008
  • DIS9007E - Doctoral Dissertation Proposal, Northcentral University, June 2008
  • RSH8954E - Research Ethics and Proposal, Northcentral University, May 2008
  • RSH8953E - Design, Statistics, and Data Analysis, Northcentral University, March 2008
  • RSH8952E - Educational Research Design, Qualitative method, Northcentral University, January 2008
  • RSH8951E - Educational Research Design, Quantitative Method, Northcentral University, December 2007
  • CMP8091E - Doctoral Comprehensive Course, Northcentral University, October 2007
  • ED5020 - Applied Statistics, Northcentral University, July 2007
  • LTM5005 - The Connected Classroom: Curriculum Development and Technology, Northcentral University, June 2007
  • LTM5007 - Multimedia Production Management, Northcentral University, March 2007
  • LTM5004 - Computer Applications Management, Northcentral University, November 2006
  • LTM5010 - E-Learning: Theory and Process, Northcentral University - July 2006
  • LHE7010 - Current Trends and Topics in Higher Education, Northcentral University- April 2006
  • LTM5006 - Designing Instructional Materials for the WWW, Northcentral University, August 2005
  • LS6010E - Information Research Strategies, Northcentral University, July 2005
  • LTM 5000 - Educational Applications of the Internet, Northcentral University, June 2005
  • Internet and Online Teaching Tools, UCLA, 2002
  • Distance Learning Assessment Theory, UCLA, 2002
  • Quallity Matters, Accessi
  • Quality Matters Peer Review Certified Workshop, April 2011
  • Sloan-C, 17th Annual International Conference in Online Learning, November 2010, Orlando, Florida
  • National Technology Society in Education, June 2010, Denver, Colorado
  • International Retention Conference 2007, San Antonio, Texas, May 22-24, 2007
  • Student Retention Workshop, Mesa Community College, March 2007
  • Podcasting Technology in Higher Education, MCLI, March 2007
  • Intel Premier IT Professional seminar - Chandler, AZ, October 2006
  • International Assessment and Retention Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, June 2006
  • The Teaching Professor 2006 Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, May 2006
  • Cisco's Professional Security Development for Professor, Security Bootcamp, 40 hours, January 2005
  • Web Design World 2005, Seattle, Washington, July 2005.
  • World Wide Web Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2002
  • Unix Administration - August 2002
  • How Older Adults Learn and Work, April 2002
  • The Institutional Portfolio: A performance-based model for assessment of general education - Maricopa Center of Learning and Instructions (MCLI), Feb 2001
  • Hybrid Internet Learning Online Conference, May 2002
  • Developing Curriculum for Online Programs, UCLA, 2002
  • Introduction to Online Technologies, UCLA, 2001
  • Teaching and Learning Models for Online Courses, UCLA, 2001
  • JavaScript for Educators, UCLA, 2001
  • Story Telling: The Power of Narrative in the Classroom, MCLI-  Mar 2001
  • Instructional Technologies and Learning Communities - 2 credits, Mesa Community College, 2001
  • Front Page 2000,  Photo shop 5.0, Visual Basic, Flash 5.0, 2001
  • Developing Inter-Cultural Competence - MCLI - Feb 23, 2001
  • Mastering Adobe Photo shop - 2000
  • Programming Dynamic Web Contents with JavaScript - JavaScript Programming, 2000
  • Improve Student Learning - Northern Arizona University - 3 graduate credits, July 2000
  • WDIS (Wisconsin Instructional Design Software Workshop in Curriculum and Instructions) - Northern Arizona University - 3 graduate credits, July 2000
  • ED Media 2000 Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunication, Montreal, Canada, 2000
  • Creating Connections in a Connected World - Student Success Conference -  2000
  • Web Design Conference 2000 - Rockhurst University, Phoenix, April 2000
  • Delivering On-Line Courses Virtual Classrooms, Office of Adult Learning Services, The College Board, Phoenix, AZ, April 1999
  • Macromedia Authorware for Distance Education, Scottsdale, AZ, February 1998
  • Distance Learning Faculty Mentoring Workgroups, 1997, 1998, and 1999
  • WebCT On-Line Course Management Training,  Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), 18 hours, November 1998
  • E-Learning 97, Distance Learning Conference, The Instructional Telecommunications Council and PBS Adult Learning Service, Scottsdale, AZ, September 1997
  • Distributed Application Development with Java and Associated Frameworks workshop, Computer Software and Application Conference, IEEE, Mesa, AZ, October 1999
  • Web Information Management and E-commerce workshop, Computer Software and Application Conference, IEEE, Mesa, AZ, October 1999
  • Microsoft Office 2000 Technology Forum, Course Technology, Mesa Community College, October 1999
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Recipient:  Faculty Technology Enhancement Workshop, Multimedia & Internet Courseware Process & Product- Instruction for the 21st Century, sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF) and Queens Borough Community College, New York, 40 hours, June 1999
  • Adele Media Conference 1999, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications with emphasis on Internet and Distance Education, Seattle, Washington, June 1999
  • A+ Certification Workshop, MCCD, 40 clock hours, May 1999
  • Technology Forum, Course Technology, Phoenix, AZ, March 1998
  • Critical Thinking: Infusion and Assessment, Maricopa Colleges Learning Institute (MCLI) September 1998
  • Netscape Communicator and Collaborate Bulletin Board, CTL, September 1998
  • CED 529, Internet for Educators, 3 credits, University of Phoenix, July 1998
  • Teaching Learning Technology Round Table (TLTR), Summer Institute, Phoenix, AZ, July 1998
  • National Educational Computing Conference, NECC 98, San Diego, CA, June 1998
  • EDU 595C, Perspective on Educational Technology, 2 credits, California State University, San Marcos, June 1998
  • Personal Profile System, Center of Teaching and Learning, MCC, 6 hours, February 1998
  • Microsoft Office 97 Seminar, ASAP Software Inc., June 1997
  • Cooperative Training, Johnson and Johnson Institute, Vail, Colorado, 1997
  • MICG 598, Web Site Design and HTML, 3 credits, Arizona State University, June 1997
  • Collaborative Learning, Arizona State University, March 1996
  • Numerous Workshops and Conferences in Leadership, Human Relations, Management, and Conflict Resolutions since 1980 to present

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