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The UGR Faculty Professional Learning Community

Undergraduate Research FPLC facilitated by Niccole Cerveny and Puvana Ganesan

As the role and scope of the community college evolves, faculty are more frequently engaging in research and seeking grants to support research centered projects with participation of undergraduate students. This Undergraduate Research FPLC will examine how we can pursue undergraduate research at the community college from both academic and logistical perspectives. It should appeal to anyone interested in pursuing research independent of his or her discipline or department. Through this FPLC we will review current and previous research by MCC faculty, examine the directions faculty are interested in heading, how other institutions (both 2 and 4 year) have instigated and supported undergraduate research programs, how this benefits students, faculty and the institution, and ultimately develop a model of how we can pursue undergraduate research.

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What is a Faculty and Professional Learning Community (FPLC or fip-lick)?

As defined by Milt Cox at Miami University (Ohio), an FPLC is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff (ideally 8-12 members) who engage in an active collaboration focused on enhancing teaching and learning. FPLCs ideally include 8-12 members who typically meet biweekly with a facilitator for at least a year. FPLCs engage in self-selected activities that promote learning, development, community building, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Participants usually select a focus course or project in which to implement an innovation or intervention related to the FPLC topic and collaborate to assess impacts on teaching and learning. Local communication about FPLC outcomes is a critical component of the program leading to enhanced campus community and improved teaching and learning.

FPLC Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Faculty and Professional Learning Communities (FPLC) Program will be integral to helping MCC strive for and reflect its values of learning, excellence, inclusiveness, and community. Our FPLC Program is an institutional process promoting collaboration, communication and scholarship to achieve our strategic goals: excellence, access, student support, inclusiveness, organizational effectiveness, professional development, community engagement and effective technology use.

Our goals and objectives include: