St. Patrick

Apostle of Ireland


I. St. Patrick and His Mission –


         A. Sources:


                  1. From Patrick


                           a. Confessions

                           b. Epistle

                           c. The Sayings of St. Patrick (?)


                  2. Hagiographers


B. Family and Background:


                  1. Dates:  c. 385 – c. 460


2. Roman citizen (Bannavem Taberniae?)


                  3. Family:


                           a. Calpornius (father) – deacon

                           b. Potitus (grandfather) – priest


Note:  Both Patrick’s grandfather and father held the political office of decurion, but sought clerical ordination to get tax exemption.


         C. Patrick as Slave (six years)


         D. Patrick the Neophyte (under Germanus of Gaul) – 30 years?


         E. The Apostle to Ireland