John Hick and The Problem of Evil


  1. Two Interpretations of the Human Condition:

    1. St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430BCE) - The Free-Will Defense

      1. Evil is a privation
      2. Humans are finitely perfect
      3. The principle of plentitude

    2. St. Irenaeus of Lyon (born c. 125 BCE) -

      1. Progressive Creation -

        1. image - eikon
        2. likeness - homoiesis

      2. Two forms of existence -

        1. man as animal (bios)
        2. man as eternal being (zoe)

  2. Soul-Making and the development of "personal life"

    1. Pleasure is not as important as moral responsibility

    2. Random, unnecessary suffering is necessary to create the conditions of personal life.

    3. An Afterlife is necessary for further progression toward "personal life"

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