St. Thomas Aquinas

The Cosmological Argument:

St. Thomas of Aquinas (1225-1274)
5 Ways of Knowing God Exists:

  1. Argument from Motion (First Mover) -

  2. Argument from Causation (First Cause)-

    Note: Aristotle's theory of Causation - The Four Causes

    1. Material - The substance which underlies the object
    2. Formal - The shape or form which the substance takes
    3. Final - The purpose or function of the object
    4. Efficient - The antecedent condition (motion or action) which brought about the effect

  3. Argument from Contingency (Argument From Necessity)

  4. Argument from Excellence (Degrees of Perfection)

  5. Argument from Harmony (A Teleological Argument)

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