Introduction to Logic


Analysis of an argument from The Apology

  1. Download the section from Plato’s Apology and read carefully.
  2. Review the “Notes on Style and Content for Micro-Essays” in your syllabus.

  3. Review the grading rubric from Micro-Essay 1 to see what you need to improve on. Don’t make the same mistakes twice.

  4. In your paper, summarize Socrates’ argument concerning the nature of death in your own words. Identify his thesis, the support (premises) he gives for his thesis, and the conclusion of his argument. Put the argument into standard form (see chapter 1).
  5. Evaluate the argument as either strong/cogent or valid/sound. Explain why you think the argument works or does not work in light of the logical rules you have learned so far. Do you think the argument could be strengthened? If so, indicate in your concluding paragraph how you would make the argument stronger.

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