Fallacies Of Relevance

  1. Appeal to Force (ad Baculum) using a threat to convince your opponent  

  2. Appeal to Pity (ad Misericordiam) using misfortune to sway your opponent  

  3. Appeal to the Crowd (ad Populum) using popular opinion to sway your opponent  

  4. Against the Person (ad Hominem) attacking your opponent  

    1. abusive  

    2. circumstantial  

    3. tu quoque ("you did it too")  

  5. Accident - general rule misapplied to a specific case  

  6. Straw Man - oversimplifying the opponents argument  

  7. Missing the Point (Ignoratio Elenchi) - drawing the wrong conclusion  

  8. Red Herring - changing the subject in mid-argument

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