Lecture One
What is Philosophy as an Academic Discipline?

  1. Defining Philosophy:

    1. philia (love) + sophia (wisdom) = philosophy (the love of wisdom)

      Philosophy is an umbrella term for five distinct areas of investigation

    2. The Five Primary Subdisciplines of Philosophy:

      1. Epistemology - the philosophical study of Knowledge

        1. What is Knowledge?
        2. Can we have Knowledge?
        3. How do we get Knowledge?

      2. Metaphysics - the philosophical study of Reality

        1. Ontology - What is existence?
        2. Philosophy of Mind - What is the nature of consciousness?
        3. Philosophy of Religion - What is God and how does God relate to the universe?

      3. Axiology - the philosophical study of Value

        1. Ethics - What is Good?
        2. Aesthetics - What is the Beauty?
        3. Political Philosophy - What is Justice?

      4. Logic - the philosophical study of Argument/Reason

        1. What is an argument?
        2. Why do arguments work?
        3. What causes an argument to fail?

      5. History of Philosophy - the philosophical study of people and their ideas

        1. People - who are these philosophers anyway?
        2. Ideas - what did past philosophers think about, and why?

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