Advance Pay

Advance Payment of educational assistance allowance is intended to help students meet school-related and other expenses which are concentrated at the beginning of a term.

When a veteran, serviceperson, reservist, or other eligible person, enrolls at a half-time rate or more, and is either just beginning VA benefits or has had a break in school attendance using VA benefits of 30 days (a calendar month) or more, and is not eligible for an interval payment from VA, he or she may elect in writing to be paid in advance for the first initial month or fraction thereof in which the term will begin plus the amount payable for the following month.

Students choosing this option should be aware that if they receive advance payments, for example, for August(1st day of fall semester until end of month - partial month) and September (full month) at the beginning of a fall term commencing in August, they will not receive another check until theirOctober benefits check in early November.

Note: Advance Payment may not be made for veterans training under Section 901. 
Note: Active Duty-Chapter 30-New G.I. Bill students are only paid tuition and fees. Active Duty-Chapter 30 students enrolled in a half-time status or more will not be able to receive a lump sum payment of benefits.

  • Any student requesting an Advance Payment must complete their paperwork before the MCC-VA Advance Pay Request Deadline, which is at least 30 days before the beginning of your first term or semester. The paperwork may not be submitted any earlier than 120 days before the start of the semester.
  • Advanced Pay may only be requested during the first semester of a student’s attendance at MCC.