CLEP - College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a nationally recognized and widely accepted "credit-by-exam" program that offers 33 subjects corresponding to specific college courses. CLEP is designed to test students' knowledge on a variety of college-level subjects, regardless of where they learned the material. The exams are developed by college faculty committees who design questions based on what is typically covered in freshman and sophomore-level coursework.

The CLEP program allows individuals to earn college credit and also demonstrate their academic proficiency. To receive credit, students must achieve the minimum scaled score recommended by the American Council of Education (ACE).

How do I Know if the CLEP Program is For Me?

Just like any other exam, research what type of information is needed as well as the format of the exam. With the exception of the "College Composition with Essay", all the CLEP exams are multiple choice and computer-based.

There is a "CLEP Official Study Guide" available for review in the MCC Testing Center at the Southern and Dobson campus and in Testing Services at our Red Mountain campus. Look at the test descriptions and sample questions, discuss the CLEP program with an academic advisor and review the CLEP policy as it relates to the school of your choice. Most colleges specify how CLEP credit is accepted and whether there is a credit limit for "prior knowledge". Determine if CLEP credit will be calculated into your GPA. This is very important when planning to transfer colleges. Do your research!

CLEP Exams Titles:

Exam titles and descriptions can be found at:

CLEP Study Materials:

Information on ordering study materials is available at:

How do I Register to Take a CLEP Exam?

We are an "Open" and "Military Friendly" CLEP Testing Center. It is not a requirement that you enroll at Mesa Community College to register for a CLEP exam. You will need to call our Southern and Dobson campus to schedule an appointment.

CLEP   Testing Site Location:

Testing Center
Mesa Community College
1833 West Southern Avenue, Bldg 38-A
Mesa, AZ 85202

CLEP Test Dates & Times:

Dates and times for CLEP testing will vary throughout the year, but in most cases testing will be Monday through Thursday, starting at 8:30am or 4:30pm. Allow yourself two full hours for the process. The computer-based exams are 90 minutes each, but there is also some paperwork to complete. The College Composition CLEP is 2 hours.

CLEP Test Fees & Methods of Payment

There is a $80.00 CLEP fee to be paid on the day of the test. The only method of payment Mesa Community College will accept is credit/debit card payment via the computer directly to CLEP.

There is also a $20.00 Mesa Community College test administration fee to be paid on the day of the test. Come to the Testing Center first for a payment referral to bring to our Cashier's Office.

If you choose to take an optional essay, there is a $10.00 cost for each essay. Some schools may require an optional essay in addition to the 90-minute multiple-choice test. The charge for each optional essay must be paid for in advance. Allow up to two weeks for the optional essay portion of the exam to arrive at the MCC campus. Once it has been received, we can schedule a time for you to take the optional essay(s).

Picture Identification

Photo ID is required.  Candidates must present two forms of official ID at the time of test registration.  A photo ID will be needed to enter the CLEP testing room.  The primary form of ID must be a government issued photo ID that includes the candidate’s signature.

Acceptable Primary ID Acceptable Secondary ID
A current driver’s license A current employee ID
A current state or federal ID card A current student ID
A current passport A Social Security card
A tribal ID card A military ID
A INS naturalization card or certificate of citizenship An unused ID from the primary ID choices

Providing your social security number is optional and it will be used for identification purposes only.

ADA Accomodations

Applicants with documented disabilities may request special accommodations for the CLEP exams.  Applicants must contact the MCC Testing Center in advance of CLEP test registration for accommodation requests.


All examinations are scored on a scale of 20-80.  Instant score reports are received following the completion of the CLEP exam, except for the College Composition.  Official examination results are mailed in three to four weeks from the College Board directly to the institution you indicated when you registered for the CLEP test.

Credit & Transcripts

In order to receive credit, score reports must be received by the credit granting institution directly from the College Board.  Additional CLEP transcripts may be ordered directly from CLEP at (800)257-9558 or online at:

Credit awarded at MCC for CLEP will appear on your Mesa Community College transcript in the section “Credit Awarded by Advanced Standing” and will have a ‘CL’ in the note column.  Refer to our college catalog for information on credit and course equivalencies.

Credit received through the CLEP program is transferable within the Maricopa Community Colleges, but may not necessarily transfer to other colleges and universities.  Read the MCCCD policy on ‘Credit for Prior Learning’.

Repeating Tests

You must wait six months before you can repeat a CLEP examination.  Scores for tests repeated sooner than six months will be canceled and the test fees will be forfeited.

If you need additional information, contact the Mesa Community College Testing Center, Southern and Dobson campus at 480-461-7480.