Vice President - Southern & Dobson

Dawn Brodek, Vice President of Southern and Dobson

1.  Major: Business

2.    Desired Career Goals: My goal is to continue my schooling in business at a University, focusing on social entrepreneurship and thinking about global social impact through sustainability.

3.    Strength Quest results: Responsibility, Relator, Connectedness, Individualization, and Achiever

4.    Position description:

My position within the Omicron Beta chapter is Vice President of the Southern and Dobson campus.  With this position, I am to insure the success of my fellow officers and members at large along with facilitating general meetings that benefit members by promoting our four hallmarks.

5.     What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa?

My goal is to help create my teams’ individual personality while achieving our own legacy and success. I also hope to propel visibility in the eyes of the student population as a campus society that is invested in all students’ success.