Public Relations

Valerie Le Grande, Public Relations Officer

1.   Major: Non-Profit Management and Leadership and Communications

2.    Desired Career Goals: I am passionate and intend to start a nonprofit organization to assist individuals in getting off the streets and into recovery. . The mission of the organization will be to assist with securing employment, advisement and resources, socialization and support groups.  I will earn my Masters in Non-Profit Studies at ASU College of Public Programs.

3.    Stengths Quest results:  Restorative, Strategic, Achiever, Futuristic, Competition

4.     Position description

Public Relations is a position of support and responsibility for the Omicron Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. It requires great diligence and communication will both advisors and other officers. The Public relations position is responsible for communication with the student body and Chapter members via social media, email, and texting.  I use several different ways to create press releases to communicate information to the campus such as sandwich boards, flyers, pamphlets, mass e-mails and local newspapers. I help oversee the update and maintenance of the Chapter web page with the approval of an Advisor.  I maintain the bulletin boards and Phi Theta Kappa showcase displays.  It necessitates being able to have time management skills and success to assist officers with completing the promotional aspects of generation excitement for all of their events.

5. What are your goals for PTK

My goals are that our chapter is promoted in the direction it requires in order to be effective.   The entire officer team relies on notification for their events and activities.  I wish to create more awareness for both members and provisional members.  I would like to increase the size of our active members in the chapter.  I aim to enhance communication between advisors and public relations.  I aspire to achieve at least 300 likes on our new and improved Facebook page.   I look forward to working on my endeavor this year and incorporating into the chapter.  I chew on ideas for a thriving college project and honors in actions.  I convey a special interest for Special Olympics, Relay for life, and Homecoming with the new Alumni.   Most of all I can’t wait to spend an amazing year of hard work with such an astounding crew in Orlando, FL at DISNEY WORLD!!!!