Operations Red Mtn

Lyndsey Dezentje, Operations Officer at Red Mountain

  1. Major: Special Education
  2. Desired Career Goals: I am going to be a Special Education teacher. I know I will more than likely go for my Masters, but I might just go for a PhD.
  3.  Strength Quest Results: Learner, Achiever, Responsibility, Discipline, and Competition.
  4. Position Description: 

The Operations Officer at Red Mountain is responsible for taking notes on what was said and tracking the time of the meetings at Red Mountain, assisting other officers in preparing financial request portions of their proposals at the Red Mountain campus, emailing information regarding chapter functions, volunteer opportunities, and college information to all Red Mountain students, keeping an updated database of active members including contact information, making sure that the sandwich board is out for every meeting so that students know where to go and what time the meetings are, and performing any additional duties as directed by President and/or Vice President at Red Mountain.

5. What are your Goals for PTK?

One of my goals for Phi Theta Kappa this year is that all of us officers can feel a sense of achievement, even if we do not take 1st place at International. We all are going to be working hard throughout the year on both of our huge projects and activities. Also, I would like to see all of the officers complete and receive their 5-star on Competitive Edge. Overall, my goal is to be the best I can be as an officer for Phi Theta Kappa and help our chapter be successful!