Honors in Action

John Buck, Honors in Action Officer

1. Major: Electrical Engineering

2. Desired Career Goals: Develop and create computer hardware and electronics.

3. Strength Quest Results: Harmony, Analytical, Restorative, Input, Responsibility

4. Position Description:

The Honors in Action Officer is in charge of handling a large collaborative research project. I chair the Honors in Action Committee as they go through the process of choosing a theme from the Honors topic, and then research problems in the community that we as a group are capable of solving, and then research how and why these problems exist. After we have done our research, we then find a solution to the problem and help serve the community by implementing the solution.

5. What are your goals for PTK:

I hope to complete an excellent project that will continue to maintain the level of excellence and achievment that has come to be expected of the Omicron Beta Chapter.