Community & Service Events

Jonathon Talos, Community & Service Events
1. Major: Bio-medical Engineering
2. Desired Career Goals:
Currently, I am profoundly inspired by the BioAssembly 3D Printer. This 3D printer has the potential to revolutionizing the entire medical industry. Instead of plastic, this printer prints with living cells feasibly making it capable of printing such entity as a working heart, liver, kidney, etc. It would truly be a phenomenal experience to be a part of an innovation that would conceivably save millions of lives.

3. Strength Quest Results: Restorative, Competition, Harmony, Analytical, Focus

4. Position Description:
As the Community and Service Events Officer it is my duty to incorporate the Service Hallmark into the Omicron Beta Chapter. May it be a community event that the Omicron Beta Chapter is running or creating a team for Relay for Life or Special Olympics, it is my duty to engage the membership, handle the logistical aspects, and make sure that our involvement in the community is beneficial for all that is involved.

5. Goals for Phi Theta Kappa:

Phi Theta Kappa has been a truly inspirational experience for me. This year I am looking forward to giving back to my Chapter by doing my best to make this year a great experience for my Advisers, the membership, and my team.