Chapter Programs

Shawn Michael Bauer, Chapter Programs Officer

1.  Major: Mechanical Engineering

2.  Desired Career Goals: I want to be a Mechanical Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to assist mankind and robot alike in exploring our Universe.

3.  Strength Quest results: Learner, Responsibility, Relator, Restorative, and Achiever.

4.  Position description: 

The Chapter Programs Officer is responsible for: promoting the Community College Completion Corps Initiative which promotes the importance of completing a certificate program and its benefits in transferring to a four year university. As Chapter Programs Officer, I am charged with imparting the benefits of the CollegeFish program thought the entire student body. Competitive Edge is another program I am in charge of; this program offers additional leadership development skills to all Phi Theta Kappa members. This position is about improving the overall scholastic experience and providing student with the skills to be the future leaders of America.

5.  What your goals are for PTK: 

My goals for Omicron Beta Chapter are first; to make sure all officers achieve their Five Star Competitive Edge level and ensure they are well prepared to be great leaders. Second, is to get the general membership started on the path to Five Star statuses. What I am looking forward to the most this year is working with the largest officer team in the region on our College and Honors in Action Projects to improve our college and community. What drew me into Phi Theta Kappa were the many fellowship opportunities with my fellow officers to help out and improve our community.