Sean West, Vice President of Southern & Dobson

1. Major: Exercise and Wellness

2. Desired Career Goals: As I have broadened my horizons and become educated in various fields, I have felt a connection with the medical field. My passion is in nutrition and exercise science; I marvel at the microscopic activities that take place within body. My dream is to become an Osteopathic Medical Doctor and utilize my education in alternative techniques to treat my patients on a holistic level.

3. Strengths Quest Results: Woo (Winning others over), Includer, Positivity, Futuristic, Empathy.

4. Position description: 
The Vice President of the Southern and Dobson campus is in charge of planning out the General Meetings at this campus. The meetings are held weekly on Thursday’s in room NU 101.

Another role I play is to implement and spread awareness about Phi Theta Kappa’s professional training development program called Competitive Edge which you will learn about this upcoming year.

I assist in both of our major projects: Honor’s in Action and College Project. Within these boards I fill whatever shoes need to be filled, this semester my main focus is going to be with College Project because I have developed a love for this campus and the students attending it. We have great faculty, staff and student leaders all committed to helping us as students succeed here and especially in our futures.

A major part of my responsibilities is to be a means of connection between YOU and Phi Theta Kappa. Getting you aware and involved are a top priority, never hesitate, under any circumstances to reach out and contact me for Phi Theta Kappa questions.

5. What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa:

  • Goal One: Develop a “Competitive Edge: Professional Leadership Development Series” - which hundreds of students will participate in, and graduate from. 
  • Goal Two: Plan in advance; informative, advantageous, and productive weekly meetings which will motivate ALL students to get involved with the great opportunities Phi Theta Kappa offers. 
  • Goal Three: Increase the General Meeting attendance by at least an additional 50% by the end of the semester.
  • Goal Four: Encourage and sustain opportunities for Phi Theta Kappa members and Officers to engage in fellowship activities regularly. 
  • Goal Five: Go to the Phi Theta Kappa International Convention in Austin, Texas this year to be apart of our team taking the #1 most distinguished chapter in the entire world!