Cumorah Masters, Executive Board Secretary

1. Major: Undecided
2. Desired Career Goals: Deciding what I want to do for a career has been at struggle for me as I've entered the world of college; I'm constantly looking for new opportunities and experiences to help me narrow down my search. My passions do include Criminal Justice and Psychology, but I haven't necessarily wanted to pursue any of them as a profession. Even though I have not decided a major, I look at it as an open door of possibilities that through leadership, service, and academic achievement, I hope to find my true passions. 
3.Strength Quest Results: Adaptability, Connectedness, Empathy, Achiever, Developer
4. Position Description: 
My main responsibilities as the Executive Board Secretary would be the recorder of any information at the weekly General meetings including taking notes, membership contacts, calendar information regarding future events and activities, and scheduling meetings with staff and other faculty. Another responsibility is making sure to inform the students and faculty of upcoming events to keep them fully updated for what events and activities Phi Theta Kappa has to offer for our campuses. 
5. Goals for PTK:
My goals for the Omricron Beta Chapter is to see an increase within our student population involved in our general meetings and activities for both campuses. I would also like to see more involvement between uniting both the S&D and RM campuses in our activities, events, and volunteer opportunities. Fellowship between the officers, advisors, and members would also be a top priority in strengthening our efforts to have a successful and effective year with completing our Honors In Action Project and our College Project.