Samuel Adams, Public Relations Officer

1. Major: Marketing Management and Finance

2. Desired Career Goals: I have always had interest in what drives people to purchase (wants vs. needs) and with marketing strategies constantly changing, I want to create and share my ideas for cultivating minds with my ever-so-changing ideas.  With a Masters in Marketing Management, I would like to work for a Fortune 500 company and be in charge of all marketing.

3. Strengths Quest Results: Achiever, Self-Assurance, Adaptability, Communication, and Empathy.

4. Position Description:

Public Relations officer is a position that is the backbone for supporting and marketing of Omicron Beta Chapter Phi Theta Kappa events and activities.  This position is responsible for delivering communication out to all members of Mesa Community College and the community via social media, television services, Canvas, flyers, pamphlets, e-mails, and school and local newspapers.  I will help with Honors in Action, College Project, and Membership in order to help recruit members to join in the efforts of taking our chapter to the top.  I will maintain bulletin boards throughout the Southern and Dobson campus, as well as the Red Mountain campus.

5. What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa?

My goals for our chapter are to work with all officers to help promote their ideas and events in their efforts to improve the campus and society.  I want to work heavily with membership recruitment and bring in an all-time high of members into the Omicron Beta Chapter, while also promoting our activities and getting more and more members to join us in all events.  I want to double the likes on our Facebook page, while keeping it updating with opportunities that everyone will be able to join in on. I will be working with the Alumni officer in getting more Alumni members to join into Phi Theta Kappa events.  I want communications between all the clubs and honor societies on campus and help promote all events from each other.  Most of all, I look forward to representing my chapter at International Nerd Nation Convention in San Antonio, Texas.