Gisell Stephenson, Honors in Action Officer

1.     Major: Social Work

2.    Desired Career Goals:  My desired goal is to become a Social Worker in the field of Child Welfare with the ultimate goal of opening my own non-profit organization assisting children in need.

3.    Strength Quest results: Individualization, Connectedness, Input, Developer, Discipline

4.    Position description

The Honors in Action project is designed to have a collaboration of intellectual minds that are committed to assisting the community. As the Honors in Action Officer, I chair the committee as we go through the process of choosing a theme from the Honors Program Guide, researching an issue in the community, and finding an efficient project that will serve as a solution. Through leadership and learning, we will foster an intellectual environment and create personal experiences that will benefit each member of the committee personally and professionally and will also impact our community in a positive way.  

5. What are your goals for PTK

As the Honors in Action Officer, my goals are to create a strong fellowship within the Omicron Beta Chapter through our Honors in Action project. With our commitment and drive, we will make an everlasting effect that will change our community and campus in a positive, constructive fashion. I hope to continue the level of excellence bestowed onto me from my predecessors, while upholding the distinguished achievements earned by the Omicron Beta Chapter. I look forward to attending the Annual International Convention in hopes of earning prestigious awards that our chapter, as a team, earned throughout our year perseverance and determination.