Leigh Ann Counseller, Finance Officer

1.  Major:  Sociology

2.  Desired Career Goals: After I complete my Associates of Arts in Sociology, I plan to attend Arizona State University with the purpose of furthering my education in Sociology to ultimately become a College Advisor.

3.  Strength Quest results:  Empathy, Developer, Restorative, Harmony, Adaptability

4.  Position description:  

My position within the Omicron Beta Chapter is Finance Officer of the Southern and Dobson campus.  My duties include ensuring that our yearly budget is balanced and that a record of all transactions is kept.  By doing this efficiently and in a timely manner, I can provide regular statements of our chapters financial activity.  I also manage the paperwork process that my fellow Officers follow in order to request portions of the budget, helping them to fulfill their proposal needs.  In addition, I maintain an accurate inventory of marketplace items such as t-shirts, pins, and graduation regalia.  I also administer any additional support needed to safeguard our chapter's success in reaching our goals.

5.     What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa? 

My first goal is to create a detailed and exact budget. From there, I will manage the budget in a way that allows for timely transfer of funds and flawless recordkeeping of monetary disbursements and deposits, which keeps the streamlining of funds both into and out of our budget moving smoothly.   An efficient process ensures that our team has the funds it needs to generate new members and student awareness.

My personal goals include dedicating my time to the success of our College Project, which centers on the topic of Financial Literacy. Another event I am passionate about is our Silent Auction and Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony in November.  It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to be involved with fundraising for our team and also being present when our new members come onboard! Lastly, I am a champion cheerleader for recruiting new members and potential future officers so watch out for me – I am looking for you!