Omar Loza, Community Events Officer

1. Major: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology), and Sustainability

2. Desired Career Goals: As I progress in my schooling, I often find myself at a crossroad in deciding my future profession. For the longest time, I have been immensely interested in becoming a University professor for the reason that I would have the capability to put my own thoughts and findings on exhibition for all of the brightest minds to see. On the other hand, I would also like to become a natural recourse manager, where I would supervise my team of scientists and coordinate activities related to research and development. Only time can tell the path I will take, but I know that I will reach the goals I set.  

3. Strengths Quest Results: Learner, Achiever, Analytical, Command, Futuristic

4. Position Description: As the Community and Service Events Officer I have been entrusted with many responsibilities, whether it be incorporating Service Hallmark into the Omicron Beta Chapter or planning community events. I am in charge of creating an engaging and interesting environment where the membership of the Omicron Beta Chapter, as well as the public, can find an interest in whatever the chapter is doing. Aside from handling the logistical aspect, it is also my duty to make sure that every event that is planed benefits the community and those involved. 

5. What are your Goals for PTK: This upcoming year I look forward to planning and organizing community events that proved a safe and intellectual environment that allow individuals the opportunity to see what Phi Theta Kappa represents. In addition, to helping my Chapter, Omicron Beta, where ever necessary.