Tyler Endischee

Tyler Endischee (Cross Country)


Full name:  Tyler James Endischee

Hometown/high school:  Flagstaff High School; Navajo Mountain and Flagstaff, AZ

Major:  Working on AA with an emphasis in Kinesiology

Sport:  MCC Cross Country

Tribal affiliation:  Navajo

Why MCC:  It had a great campus, motivated students, inspiring instructors, and a great cross country program with my coach Eamonn Condon.

Interesting facts/hobbies/etc:  I enjoy doing half marathons, trail running, hiking mountains, rock climbing, welding, track, and playing basketball.

Favorite food:  Guacamole burgers and steak fajitas

Favorite movie:  The Internship and Life of Pi

Academic and sports goals after MCC:  My goal in academics after MCC is to continue to get my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Arizona State University.  My sport goal after MCC is continuing running on the cross country team at ASU.

What motivates/inspires you to do good in school/your sport?  My big family, coaches, my people, friends, and my faith.

Who have been your role models in life or sports?  My grandparents, uncles, dad, mom, coaches, friends.