Michaela Begaye

Michaela Begaye (Cross Country and Track)


Name:  Michaela Begaye (pronounced Mi-kay-la)

Hometown/high school: Skyline High School

Major: Kinesiology

Sport: Cross Country & Track   

Tribal affiliation: Navajo

Why MCC: I was given the presidential scholarship and a chance to run.

Interesting facts/hobbies/etc:

     - Native American Honor student my senior year in high school.

     - I like archery and won a gold medal at a 3D Archery Competition

     - Tore ACL playing basketball and now I have 3 screws in my  knee.

Favorite food: Cheeseburger

Favorite movie: Sleepless in Seattle

Academic and sports goals after MCC: I’d like to continue onto ASU and become an orthopedic doctor or continue running at Grand Canyon University and still follow my dreams.

What motivates/inspires you to do good in school/your sport? My parents are my biggest supporters and motivate me to achieve nothing but the best in school and in running.

Who have been your role models in life or sports?  My dad has been my role model since day 1. He has taught me so many important things that I will carry on in life.