MCC Library Aware and Supportive of Indigenous Nations Month

MCC Library Promotes Native American Heritage Month

The Paul A. Elsner librarians have been very gracious and supportive of Indigenous Nations Month at MCC.  In addition to allowing a display to be erected at the east entrance of the building that celebrates American Indian athletes, they have also posted information on a page that details available American Indian information.  From primary source material to various media resources to a varied list of nationally prominent and famous American Indians, they have created a very useful and user-friendly guide to aid in the dissemination of information related to native peoples.  The link to that page can be found here:

The American Indian Center is very grateful for their support in this endeavor and wishes to publicly thank them for all they have allowed us to do and for providing information regarding Americas indigenous cultures that are often forgotten or overlooked.  With the recent success of notable American Indian athletes such as Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston Red Sox), Angel Goodrich (Tulsa Shock), and Tahnee Robinson (1st WNBA American Indian draftee) to prominent politicians such as Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Carlyle Begay, and William Mendoza, American Indians are still alive and an important part of American society today.  They are educators, business people, engineers, fashion designers, musicians, leaders, and the list of professional careers goes on.  They are also dreamers, students, children, and individuals filled with the same potential as anyone else in this great country.  They are not gone and certainly not to be forgotten, for their history plays an integral role in the creation and shaping of the United States of America.  We encourage students to attend the remaining events for Indigenous Nations Month and visit their website here: