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Submission deadlines for the Fall and Spring issues of The Journal for Civic Commitment are: February 29 and August 30, respectively. We gladly accept submissions at any time for consideration in the Journal. Submissions received after the deadline for the next issue will be considered for the following issue.

The Journal for Civic Commitment: a twice-yearly, online journal dedicated to service learning and civic engagement

5th Issue

What the journal is about...
Education at its best - this profound human transaction called teaching and learning - is not just about getting information or getting a job. Education is about healing and wholeness. It is about empowerment, liberation, transcendence, about renewing the vitality of life. It is about finding and claiming ourselves and our place in the world.
......... bell hooks, quoted in Weaver, appendix 2

The Journal for Civic Commitment is dedicated to growing and strengthening the discussion around service learning, which connects the academic curriculum to service and civic engagement in communities, both locally and globally. Through service learning experiences, students come to appreciate the importance of participating as responsible citizens in community life. Service learning is the conduit through which community colleges help to create an informed, participatory citizenry.

Service learning brings examples of current issues we face as a nation, and as a planet, to the forefront of academic curricula, and allows students to experience them firsthand. In addition, students examine their own roles, their own actions, in the preservation and maintenance of democracy.

The Journal for Civic Commitment offers research and theories, strategies, and tips and techniques to readers. It is dedicated to disseminating research-based and practical information to service learning practitioners, coordinators, and administrators.

This material is based upon work supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service under Learn and Serve America: Higher Education Grant No. 06LHHAZ001. Opinions or points of view expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Program, or Community College National Center for Community Engagement.

Feature Interview

Maria Hesse
, President
Chandler-Gilbert Community College



Fall, 2010


For Issue 15, Fall, 2010, of The Journal for Civic Engagement. Completed articles must be submitted for consideration by February 29, 2010. We gladly accept papers anytime, but the deadline for the Spring issue is February 29. Click here for Journal Guidelines. For additional information, contact Gary Daynes at:

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