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Journal Guidelines

Submission Deadline for the Second Issue of the Journal for Civic Commitment: October 15, 2003

“The literacy required to live in civil society, the competence to participate in democratic communities, the ability to think critically and act deliberately in a pluralistic world, the empathy that permits us to hear and thus accommodate others, all involve skills that must be acquired. Excellence is the product of teaching and is liberty’s measure.”

-- Benjamin Barber, An Aristocracy of Everyone

Community College National
Center for Community Engagement
The Journal for Civic Commitment
a web-based publication

CCNCCE and The Journal for Civic Commitment are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging academic and pedagogical research in the field of service-learning
  • Promoting and supporting dialogue and professional growth among service-learning practitioners
  • Broadening the circle of service-learning practitioners in community colleges

The Journal for Civic Commitment - Guidelines for Submission

Service-learning connects the academic curriculum to service in and outside our local communities. Through service experiences, students come to appreciate the importance of participating as responsible citizens in community life. Service-learning is the conduit through which community colleges help to create an informed citizenry.

Service-learning brings examples of current issues we face as a nation, and as a planet, to the forefront of academic curricula, and allows students to experience them firsthand. In addition, students examine their own role, their own actions, in the preservation and maintenance of democracy.

The Journal for Civic Commitment offers research and theories, strategies, and tips and techniques to readers. It is dedicated to disseminating research-based and practical information to service-learning practitioners, coordinators, administrators and state directors.

We invite you to submit an article for consideration in The Journal for Civic Commitment, a non-partisan, web-based publication of the Community College National Center for Community Engagement. Guidelines and timeline follows. The journal will be published twice annually. Submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Although we welcome submissions from all service-learning practitioners, preference will be given to articles from community colleges. We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to email us if you would like to discuss your proposed contribution.

For more information about The Journal for Civic Commitment, contact:
Elizabeth Larson-Keagy, PhD, Executive Editor
Community College National
Center for Community Engagement at :

Submission Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Value or usefulness to service-learning and civic responsibility
  2. Presentation and interpretation of findings, discussion, and conclusions
  3. Importance and timeliness
  4. Consistency with existing literature
  5. Overall clarity of ideas and expression
  6. References to relevant existing work
  7. Grammatical construction; writing style

How to submit an article to The Journal for Civic Commitment:

The Journal for Civic Commitment will be published on the internet twice annually, and is a reviewed publication. We especially encourage articles from community college faclty.

For our second publication, we are looking for:

  1. Articles addressing Geographic Perspectives on Service-Learning and Civic Responsibility
  2. Articles that are research-based, theoretical, experiential, or pedagogical in nature
  3. Content related to service-learning on local, national, or international levels
  4. Articles that contribute new knowledge or perspectives to the field of service-learning

For example, themes to focus on - locally and globally - might be some of the following:

  • How does service-learning manifest itself in different places? Do service-learning issues and projects, reflections and revelations differ between rural, urban, or suburban environments?
  • In communities with high ethnic, traditional, or indigenous populations, do we see a divide between service-learning students and the service recipients in terms of demographic make-up? If so, how/what do students learn from the populations they serve?
  • What are critical concerns, theories, and philosophies necessary to conduct meaningful service in the international realm? What do students need to know? How do they need to be prepared to conduct service abroad? What can they learn about themselves and about others?
  • Service-learning, civic engagement, and the planet: what are the connections?

Article Requirements:

  1. Short articles (6-8 double-spaced pages; about 1500 - 2000 words)
  2. Articles must include a 1-page cover page with:
    1. author’s information - name, title, address, institution, e-mail, telephone number
    2. brief (1 paragraph) biography of author
    3. brief (1 paragraph) abstract of your paper

  3. A recent photograph
  4. Complete references and bibliographic citations done in APA format.
  5. Diagrams, illustrations, and graphs should only be used if they are critical to understanding the text.
  6. The author assumes all responsibility for proper crediting of sources, as well as the accuracy of references, quotations, tables, etc.
  7. Photos of action-shots are welcome (students at their service-learning sites - Photos of minors need the permission of parents - your college’s standard “Permission Slip” form, one you devise yourself, or e-mail us for an example.)

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Authors submitting articles to The Journal for Civic Commitment are responsible for securing any permissions or licensing pertaining to the use of copyrighted materials and photographs/graphics. Authors of accepted articles assign Journal for Civic Commitment the right to edit, publish, and distribute their text on the Internet, to archive it, and make it permanently retrievable.

Authors do retain their copyright, so that after the article has been printed in The Journal for Civic Commitment they may republish their texts in any manner they wish, as long as The Journal for Civic Commitment is acknowledged as the original site of publication. Articles that have already been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere are not eligible for publication in The Journal for Civic Commitment, unless a cross-publishing arrangement has been previously negotiated.

The publication is based upon work supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service under Learn and Serve America: Higher Education Grant No. 00LHEAZ047. Opinions or points of view expressed in the publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Learn and Serve America: Higher Education Program, or the Community College National Center for Community Engagement.

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