CFS & CFS Web Financials

Request New CFS & CFS Web Financials Access

Please Note

Your CFS and CFS Web Financials passwords are the same.

Internet Explorer is recommended to be used when opening CFS and CFS Web Financials

CFS access can be established for full-time and part-time employees who will be responsible for monitoring division budgets, ordering supplies or approving purchases.

Employees may be required to attend the District ITS training prior to creation of the CFS/Web Financials access. 

When CFS access is created it automatically creates CFS Web Financials access.

Steps to Requesting New CFS User Access:

  1. Scan and attach the following forms to a MCC help center request via email to
    1. Ethics and Confidentiality Statement
    2. CFS User Access Form
      • Please note: List the CFS Responsibilities needed. The vast majority of users need Inquiry and MC-Requisitioner. Your supervisor will inform you if you need additional responsibilities.
  2. The MCC help center will obtain Fiscal approval and then send the request to District.
  3. The employee is notified via email (by District) when the access request has been established.
  4. The employee must log-in to CFS within 5 days or the password will expire.
  5. The log-in ID and password are the same for CFS and CFS Web Financials.

*Please contact Lidia Segura  and Julie Blenden with questions.

Steps to Resetting CFS Password:

  1. Send an email to Phil Cram at the District office requesting CFS password to be reset.
  2. District resets password and sends email notification to user.
  3. CFS user must log-in to CFS within 5 days and change password or it will expire.