Faculty Responsibilities

A Faculty Member is not obligated to provide reasonable accommodations without a signed Instructor Notification Form or E-Mail notification from the Disability Resources & Services office.

It is the primary responsibility of the student to initiate the discussion of the in-class accommodations needed; however, the outcome depends on the receptivity, flexibility, and understanding of the instructor.  Both faculty and  student may find it useful to consult with the DRS Department for advice and/or assistance.

Students may request accommodations at any time during the semester but they are not retroactive.

Sample Syllabus Statement

"If you have a disability and require assistance in my class, please see me as soon as possible to discuss your accommodation needs.  In order to receive academic accommodations you will need to make an appointment and register with Disability Resources & Services.  They are located in the library, first floor."

The instructor should insure that the requirements of the course are clearly stated in the syllabus beginning of the semester.  If requirements or date of exam or outside assignments should change during the semester, the instructor should make these changes available to the student in written form.

The goal is to minimize or eliminate the impact of the disability and allow the student to demonstrate knowledge of course material. In instances where teaching aids are used, and do not accommodate the student disability, the instructor should provide accessible materials.