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Syllabus Statement 2014

Copyright Guidelines

WAVE Accessibility Tools

All MCC internal web site errors that can't be easily repaired at the staff level should be sent to Trisha Brazda.  All faculty website errors should go to the CTL.

Video Captioning

DRS is only authorized to reproduce materials that have conformed to copyright laws. Please refer to MCCCD policy statement on copyright. If you have copyright permissions for your videos, please keep them in a separate file so we may refer to them if necessary. If you do not have copyright permissions, please secure them before making your captioning request.

Screen Casts


Technology (hardware and software) Request Process

To ensure equal access all classroom and computer lab technology (hardware and software) are expected to be in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act .  Mesa Community College has developed a process to assist faculty with purchasing and enhancing classroom technology for student access.  

The faculty will need to complete and submit the Technology Request Form. Upon submission, College Technology Services (CTS) will forward to the MCC Disability Resources (DRS) for review and recommendations to ensure it meets Section 508 compliance.  Once CTS and DRS sign off the purchase will be processed.  CTS will submit the requisition and follow up with the requestor/requesting department for any missing purchase information and recommendations concerning alternative solutions to meet compliance (if applicable).    

This process also coincides with the Software Request Service Level Agreement (SLA) which requests that software be requested by the 45 day of the previous semester.  This allows time perform the review, work within the MCCCD purchasing requirements, and prepare the software for distribution to the classroom or computer lab.

Training Tools