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The MCC Music Business program offers students the opportunity to obtain relevant and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the Music Industry; through the study, production, marketing and management of commercial music projects and events. The program is designed to provide real-world, hands-on learning, which helps students foster a strategic and creative understanding of commercial music as both an art and a profession.

This program is offered for both the performing artist, as well as the business student with limited performing experience.

Students have the option to take individual classes or to pursue a 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree or a Certificate of Completion degree in Music Business or a Certificate of Completion degree in Live Performance Disc Jockey Techniques.

Classes are offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters in Online, Hybrid, Open Entry/Open Exit and In-person formats.

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  • NOW AVAILABLE: The AAS/CCL in Music Business has been updated! Students can now select a personalized degree with areas of emphasis including: Performance, Disc Jockey Techniques, Songwriting, Music Production, Marketing, Communications or Business. See detailed information on the degree information page.
  • Check the FAQs page to get all your program questions answered quickly and easily.
  • Learn more about the Music Business Faculty.
  • Learn more about our Mission: MCCMusicBusinessMission.pdf.

Program Advising

Degree-seeking students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to help plan a program of study and to determine the correct courses needed for degree completion and/or transfer. The Music Business and Disc Jockey programs offers several advising options:

  1. FOR NEW STUDENTS: For in-person, drop-in advising: Meet with an Academic Advisor:
    Advising Office, Main Campus, Southern and Dobson
    Phone: 480-461-7222.   Website:

  2. FOR RETURNING MUSIC BUSINESS MAJORS: For in-person, drop-in advising: Meet with an Academic Advisor in the Advising Office, Main Campus, Southern and Dobson or visit  the Music Department office in Building MU-43: Music Dept staff members are able to help provide in-person guidance M-F during normal business hours or call 480-461-7575 for more information.

  3. For online advising during Fall and Spring Semesters: email:;  Please expect a 48-72 response time for return emails. Email advising is not available during the summer.

  4. If you are interested in transfer advising to attend a 4-year college program, please be sure to meet with a transfer advisor in the Advising Department at MCC before enrolling and visit the transfer opportunities page for Music Business.

  5. Learn more about Gainful Employment for the AAS/CCL in Music Business here.  Learn more about Gainful Employment for the CCL in Disc Jockey Techniques here.

New & Noteworthy In Music Business

Earn while you Learn! Music students are now able to earn college credit towards a Music Business degree or certificate while participating in the Disney College Program internship. Learn more here.

The MCC Music Business program now offers a CCL (Certificate of Completion) in Professional Disc Jockey Techniques. Get information here. Learn more about Gainful Employment for the CCL in Disc Jockey Techniques here.

Learn to be a Music Producer! The MCC Music Business program is offering classes in how to be a professional music producer. Get information here.

Get advanced training for the Music Industry. Check out these specialized classes taught by music industry insiders. Get more information:

  • MUC145 Recording Studio Business Operations
  • MUC210 Concert Touring and Prom0tion
  • MTC113: Songwriting Techniques

Music Business Events

The MCC Music Business program regularly hosts industry events and Guest Lectures. Topics for Guest Lectures include becoming a successful recording studio engineer, owning your own publishing company, getting your music placed in Film and TV and the finer points of contract negotiations. See a list of recent and upcoming Guest Lectures here.

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