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Pronunciation: \ˈlō-kə-ˌvȯr\; Function: noun; Etymology: local + -vore (as in carnivore); Date: 2005: one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.

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Most fruit and vegetable varieties sold in grocery stores are chosen because they can withstand industrial harvesting equipment and extensive travel, not because they taste great. This means that consumers have access to a very limited variety of these life-giving treasures . By supporting local agriculture with some of your food dollars, you increase the biodiversity or the variety of fruits and vegetables available to enjoy.

The world and each local region within it is full of exotic fruits and vegetables just waiting for you to choose them instead of the ordinary fruits like the Cavendish banana, There are fruits that taste like chocolate, fruits and vegetables that are magenta, there are fruits that are illegal to sell and eat, and fruits and vegetables that smell so bad it is recommended not to open your door and let the odor out, lest the neighborhood be evacuated. There are thousands of fruits and vegetables, each contributing to the nourishment of the human body. Try a new locally grown fruit or vegetable each week and discover the joy of eating real food.


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