Advanced GEOCACHE Application Materials

GEOspatial Connections promoting advancement to careers & higher education

Advanced GEOCACHE is a Professional Development opportunity for high school and college faculty to learn how to integrate GIS into their classroom and:

  • Build 21st century workforce skills
  • Understand and analyze spatial data
  • Engage in authentic projects that provide marketable job skills

Session Dates/Times:

Days: Monday, July 21, 2014 through July 25, 2014
Times: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Daily
Location: GIS Lab at Mesa Community College

You will need the following software to complete the application:

  • A compression software (JZip can be downloaded for free here)
  • ArcGIS v10 or higher 
  • Adobe Reader XI or higher download here

Download Application Materials:

Application materials for Advanced GEOCACHE can be downloaded here in the file.

Ensure the following files are included in the file:

  • gitPerfAssess.gdb
  • geocacheAdvAppInfo_Instructions2014.pdf
  • gitPerfAssessMap.mxd
  • gitPerfAssessMap.jpg
  • geocacheAdvApplication2014.pdf

Start by reading the geocacheAdvAppInfo_Instructions2014.pdf

Questions? Contact Lori Hare or Karen Blevins:

Karen Blevins Lori Rubino-Hare
Geospatial Technologies Program Director Professional Development Coordinator
Mesa Community College Northern Arizona University
480-461-7358 928-523-6008