Sets and Reps

2014 Class Schedule

    8:30am to 4:30pm

  • Tuesday, July 15th

  • Tuesday, July 29th

  • Wednesday, August 13th

  • Monday, August 25th

    Online Price: $89

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The Virtual Incident Sets and Reps provides a unique opportunity for Firefighters and Company Officers to polish their Incident Management skills through multiple simulations in a condensed time frame.

A brief classroom discussion will follow each scenario, focusing on incident critique and lessons learned from each practice run. Students will gain exposure to multiple scenario types including houses, apartments, strip malls, and commercial buildings. Participants will practice the role of the initial company officer incident commander as well as various sector officers.

This course is a great preparation for promotional testing as well as a good introduction to what the Virtual Incident Command Center is all about.

Training Notes

Virtual Incident Command Center training is in compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). All training is referenced to the National Response Framework (NRF), which serves as the guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies. The NRF establishes a comprehensive, national, all-hazards approach to domestic incident response. When you successfully complete training at the VICC, you're the complete package for incident command.

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