The Center for Community & Civic Engagement has several programs that send students out into the community to do service.  According to Independent Sector, the value of volunteer time in Arizona is $19.71.  We used this figure to determine the dollar value for volunteer time below in the different charts. 


In-Course Module

These students do Service-Learning as a component of one of their academic courses.  Their goal is to tie their service into a learning concept in the classroom.


Independent Module

Students register for this Service-Learning-based class voluntarily or as part of their honors graduation requirements.  Students have a faculty advisor in an academic discipline area of their interest and their service is related


  • 156 members enrolled last grant year (August 19, 2012 - August 18, 2013)
  • 78 active members approximately
  • 89 members excited with an award last grant year 

Since 2002:

  • 3,139 number of participants
  • 1,063,937 hours served
  • $2,316,310 education awards earned