Independent Module Online Orientation - Step 3

Pick a Project

Academic Disciplines:

There are twenty six different academic areas in which to earn credits through Service-Learning. Take some time now to look through these and decide which ones appeal to you.  Click here for a listing and description of the different disciplines: disciplinelist.pdf

Service Sites:

You must serve at an approved service site for your service-learning hours.  To select a site, you can access our Agency Database, which features hundreds of approved community partners. 

Be sure to select the "Guest Account" option when logging into the Agency Database (you will not need to fill in a user name or password). You can search for agencies in 3 ways:

  1. Agency Search by Category (by name, city, zip code, activity type, etc.)
  2. Agency Partners (our alphabetical rolodex-type listing)
  3. School-Based Partner  (options are divided up by school districts, private schools, and charter schools)

When you have chosen a site, it is your responsibility to contact the site supervisor and set up your service assignments.  View the Service Sites on our database.

Honors Students:

Honors students are required to take at least one credit of Service-Learning and fulfill the following program requirements:

  1. Earn a minimum of 15 credits of Honors Classes and,

  2. Complete a one credit service-learning class with Center for Community & Civic Engagement. The service-learning class can be done in one, two, or three credit increments in any of the twenty-one discipline areas offered by Center for Community & Civic Engagement and can either be taken for Honors credit or as a regular service-learning course.

  3. Create and present a reflective session run by Center for Community & Civic Engagement, an MCC class, or community group where an accountable faculty member can be present in order to grade the quality of the presentation.
    Submit an additional five page paper reflecting upon your experience of service as it relates to the honors theme for that semester. If your choice of service and the honors theme for that semester do not lend themselves readily to integration, you may interview and use another service-learning student's experience whose placement site may be more relevant. This paper will be copied to the Honors Program Coordinators.
    Have something published in the MCC Bulletin, local newspapers, Mesa Legend, the various District newsletters, or any other reputable publication subject to pre-approval by the supervising faculty member.

Any student-generated idea that demonstrates innovation, leadership, citizenship, etc is acceptable. The appropriateness of this option will be determined by the faculty supervisor in conjunction with the Honors Program Coordinators. They may take a regular Service-Learning class, or receive honors credits for their Service-Learning. The Honors Website contains more information.

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