Independent Module Online Orientation - Step 2

Understanding the Requirements

How Am I Graded?

You will need to complete 50 hours of service for each academic credit hour. To demonstrate completion of the learning components you will need to participate in:

Class assignments:

The classroom assignments include developing a learning plan, keeping a reflective journal, writing an analytical paper and completing a formal evaluation after you complete your hours at the Service-Learning site.

Site Activities:

Once you have agreed to participate in a Service-Learning project, the Agency or Organization to which you have donated your time will be counting on you. You will be expected to show up on the days you are scheduled, complete your assigned tasks in a timely manner, maintain a professional attitude throughout your service, observe the dress code, respect any confidentiality rules that apply, and seek advice if you are uncertain about something.


In-Person Meetings:

Schedule progress meetings with your faculty supervisor at least twice during the semester. You will want your Supervisor to read your journal, provide you with feed back and advice, and make sure that you are on track with your learning plan.


There are also mandatory reflective sessions during the semester. Those reflective sessions are determined by your Faculty Supervisor.  Please be sure to discuss the details thoroughly so you understand what is required of you.


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