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Congrats. You're ready to take some classes.

Okay. You’ve explored areas of study that interest you and you've joined the online community. You enrolled yourself at MCC, learned more about paying for school, and have a solid academic game plan. Now you’re ready to sign up for classes.

To get registered, simply follow the steps below. If you’re not sure what classes to take, contact an advisor. When you’re finished signing up for classes, return to this page and move on to the next main step.

Please be aware that you may have to pay your tuition and fees on the same day that you register. If you enroll fewer than 35 days from the class start date, tuition will be due the same day.

MCC Class Schedule

Before you start:

Visit the easy-to-use MCC Class Schedule and find the classes you want to take. Search by keyword, subject, class times, campus location, and more

Login with your MEID and Password

Step 1:

Visit My.maricopa.edu and log in with your MEID and password

Click on Add a Class

Step 2:

Click Add a Class

Click on Search

Step 3:

On the Add Classes page, click search

Enter criteria and click on Search

Step 4:

In the Course Subject field, enter the subject prefix (e.g., ACC, BIO, ENG). In the Course Number field, enter the course number (e.g., 101 or 100AB). Click Search


If you know the 5-digit Section Number (e.g. 24560) for a specific class, you can enter that number in the Class Nbr field below in the "Additional Search Criteria" area. Click Search

Review results and then Select Class

Step 5:

Review the search results and click select class for course details

Add class to Shopping Cart by clicking on Next

Step 6:

Review the details and click Next to add the class to your Shopping Cart

Notice: MCC has 2 campuses: Red Mountain and Southern & Dobson. Check the Location in the box titled "Class Details" to ensure the class is at the campus you want. If the class is located at the Southern and Dobson campus the location will list: "Mesa Community College".  If the class is located at the Red Mountain campus the location will list: "MCC Red Mountain Campus". 

Class in Shopping Cart. Repeat steps above to add more classes.

Step 7:

The class will now be in your Shopping Cart. To add more classes, repeat Steps 3–7 above

Review your Shopping Cart

Step 8:

When you've added all your classes to the Shopping Cart, click Proceed to Step 2 of 3

Finish Enrolling

Step 9:

Click Finish Enrolling to review and confirm
your classes